"Your etheric training is impressive, don't get me wrong, but the big city lights have given you delusions of grandeur. You come back to your clan after all this time, you show me your sword and rifle and the complicated device on your wrist, and you perform tricks, saying that with these you'll change the world. Your etheric abilities are indeed impressive, but you forget the lesson of these cities on the plain. Everything fades and everyone forgets. You say you'll change the world and maybe you will, but in time your name will become as faded and forgotten as these poor lost towns."

You've been resting too long. You could discover floating cities. You could unearth ancient and powerful relics. You could map the edge of the world.
There's an unguarded ship sitting right in the harbour.

Note: Edgewalkers has been temporarily discontinued.
The local ghoul family want your head. Vampires prowl this area. The werewolves are on a hunt. And you're down to your last cigarette.
Just another day in the big city. 

Note: Edgewalkers has been temporarily discontinued.